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Precision Engineered Model Railroad Kits

Mount Blue, near Phillips, Maine. Home of the past and present SR&RL RR.

We are located in Plymouth, Mass.

 Mount Blue Model Co. was started in January of 2006. Our goal is to provide you the modeler

with well engineered model kits based on prototype pieces and freelance ideas.

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 updated  12-27-17

We will be attending the Amherst Railway Show at the Big E

in Springfield, Mass, Jan 27 & 28.

We'll be in the Better Living Center.

As an adding Narrow Gauge attraction,  Bob Harper (from the UK) will have his

wonderful  On2 layout  'Franklin'

on display in the Better Living Center, section 3. 

You'll find him listed in the program book under Harper, Robert.

A word on shipping:

Please note that we are now a part-time, one man band, business again, so shipping times may be a bit slower than they used to be.  I will still try to ship with in a day or two when possible (when your item is in stock). Please allow at least a week or two for delivery. I usually get to the post office midweek.


New: Newest in yellow

HO  SR&RL 28ft Flatcars

HO  WW&F Milkcars

Trucks for the On30 18ft  passenger cars

**  All our 18' body kits will fit our new flat car kit.  **




O scale

WW&F  boxcars  #302, 303



Introducing:  Mount Blue Scale Real Estate.  

Expertly built and finished HO structures.  Reasonably priced.  No two alike.  Made in USA

Only available on Ebay or at select model RR shows.

 Custom assembly of our HO structures is also available.



Phillips news:  The SR&RL is now on FACEBOOK.  Please like us at


The page will be updated regularly with up-to-date news and photos of the goings on.

Any donations are GREATLY APPRECIATED.

To donate please go to www.srrl-rr.org


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